Plan Today Before Tomorrow Arrives.


Our Mission

Our Mission is simple . . . to educate, guide and integrate financial goals and aspirations by creating time specific incremental financial plans.

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Our Services


We take an ‘a la carte’ approach to provide the specific service that is needed by our clients. We offer various pricing models that are all based upon a specific fee. Some of our primary services include:

  • 6-month Incremental Integrated Solutions

  • Investment Management

  • Time Specific or Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Budgeting and Benefits Analysis

  • Life Event Planning

  • And much more . . .

Incremental life Planning

Depending on where you are in life’s path, we will explore you specific goals. This helps to determine several paths to attain broad or specific goals within your time frame. We will connect and/or overlay them to build upon each so life events ‘in-play’. This can be a one-time engagement fee or an on-going monthly subscription in 6-month increments. 

comprehensive fINANCIAL PLANNING

We provide various options on financial planning. Planning for someone in their 20’s is completely different than someone in their 40’s. Our approach will simplify the process by focusing ONLY on aspects you are concerned with ‘Before Tomorrow Arrives’! This can be a one-time engagement fee or an on-going monthly subscription in 6-month increments.

Investment management

Whether you desire assistance with your employer’s retirement plan or wish to establish an account with use, we will help you in determining your Risk Tolerance based on a specific set of questions. This service is calculated on a percentage of assets under management or a set fee for accounts held away form IFS of KC or both.

budgeting & employee Benefits analysis

WE all say, “Yep, I wished I’d set a budget for …” And, if you have a partner, “Why didn’t we discuss this before you signed up?” At IFS of KC, we provide a method to review your specific situation so YOU can make decisions to meet your monthly or annual intent on saving, investing and/or assuring your employer benefits meet your needs.